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Screen Printing in San Francisco

Little Black Egg is a mom-and-pop screen print shop committed to doing the best work possible for our clients in a cost-effective, ethical and environmentally-friendly way. We love what we do. Our shop is run by partners Jeff and Monica on the edge of a constantly changing city.

Need great prints on quality garments? We want to work with you to make that happen. Read on for information about what services we provide and how to get a quote.

What We Do

We manually screen print on quality garments. Specifically? We do the following, and we do it well.

Get A Quote

There are many factors involved in getting a quote, and we do our best to make it as easy as possible for you. Screen printing is a 'measure twice, cut once' kind of business, and the more information you can give us up front, the quicker we can get you an accurate price. Your quote will reflect a per-piece price to make the costs clear.

You can email us for a quote.
What to include in your email:
Phone Number (optional)
Kind(s) of garments (tee, tank, hoodie, pants, hats, etc.)
Color of garments
Number of garments
Number of placements to be printed and where
Number of colors in your design(s)
Date you need them by

Please include as much information as you can, and if you are not sure yet about something that is fine, too. We can figure it out together.

Bill Murray on our press

How It Works

A few firm costs: